Forest Workers

Forest Workers (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.Principle 4 of the FSC P&C addresses workers’ rights and employment conditions. It requires FSC certified forest management operations to maintain or enhance workers’ social and economic wellbeing. 

The Social Policy Program works with key partners to promote social and economic wellbeing of forest workers. We encourage and support independent research on the topic, and organize and participate in related events.

Since 2002, the P&C also require all certified forest operations to meet all of the International Labour Organization’s conventions, which are set out in our policy on FSC certification and the ILO conventions (FSC-POL-30-401).

At the FSC’s 2nd General Assembly in 2000, participants also discussed the possibility of requiring all chain of custody certified operations to comply with the ILO conventions.

The Social Policy Program has supported the implementation of the FSC’s Policy for the Association of Organizations with the FSC (FSC-POL-01-004 V2-0 EN), which prohibits organizations that violate the ILO core conventions from associating with FSC.

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