Online Claims Platform (OCP)

Streamlining the process of validation

The OCP is the new Online Claims Platform. It digitally connects certified FSC® suppliers and customers so that claims for FSC-certified products can be swiftly confirmed as accurate by both trading parties.

What is the OCP?

As products move down the supply chain, their FSC certification can be assured. This system will enhance the integrity of the FSC brand. More information can be found on the OCP Info website.

FSC foresees that the use of the OCP could significantly reduce the administrative burden of being FSC certified. Thus, we are identifying the possible ways larger parts of the CoC standard can be automatically met for certified organizations that fully integrate the OCP.

These changes would lead to saving time on administration and auditing processes, while building a more robust FSC system. This work will be completed early in the third quarter of 2014 and stakeholder input and suggestions are welcomed.

Find out more about the OCP

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