Realities from the Forest

Why do we need forests?

Realities from the ForestIf you ask a forest how it would like to be treated, it would tell you to leave it alone. That way, it might continue to thrive for decades or even centuries.

But, if we were to leave the world’s forests untouched, where would we get the wood, and the other raw materials, we need to produce all the things in our modern world? 

Look around you – from furniture to paper to textiles to building materials - most of the things you see come from a forest.

If we were to leave the forests alone, we would instead need to rely on plastic, aluminum, and other synthetic materials that are harmful to our planet. Wood, if correctly harvested and sustainably produced, stores carbon, and is renewable, recyclable and disposable.

FACT: any intervention by people in the forest will have an effect on the forest on some level.

BUT: forests are the most environmentally friendly source of the materials we need in our lives.

Let’s put the FACT and the BUT together to introduce a solution: forests must be managed so they are able to provide much needed resources, with as little negative environmental impact as possible, so that the forest can continually renew itself, and be around for generations to come.

What is sustainable forest management?

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