Smallholders Portal

Providing resources for small, low-intensity and community producers

Smallholders Portal (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.The Smallholders Portal provides guidance and resources directed at small, low-intensity and community producers who are interested in FSC certification. Smallholders can also learn about the various programs and projects that focus on improving the access to certification for smallholders and helping them make the most of their certification.

On the Smallholders Portal you find different information that is relevant for smallholders. Click on the links below and read more.

Certification is a section where you can read about certification options, steps to certification as well as updates about smallholder certification pilots.

Under the Support section you find information about the new Smallholder Fund, market access, training and guidance materials.

You also find smallholder News and Updates with updates about FSC’s work with smallholders.

In the Success Stories section you find  case studies where smallholders talk  about their experiences with FSC certification- including successes, benefits of certification, and lessons learned.

Who are smallholders?

A smallholder is a producer who has a small area of forest, harvests timber at a low-intensity, or is part of a community who owns and manages a forest, or agrees as a group to let a third party manage the forest for them. Smallholders are, for example, known as small woodlot owners, family foresters, small non-industrial private forest owners, community forestry operators and non-timer forests product harvesters.

For those that qualify as smallholders, FSC offers policy tools that reduce the costs of certification as well as access to financial and technical support to help smallholders maintain their certification and benefit from the FSC label in the market.

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