Options for certification and steps to getting certified

COATLAHL in Honduras (© Photo courtesy of Simon Staun)© Photo courtesy of Simon StaunIf a producer qualifies as small or low-intensity according to FSC eligibility criteria, FSC offers certification options that reduce the costs of certification.

SLIMF Certification

FSC offers streamlined certification procedures for small or low-intensity managed forests (SLIMFs). The use of these procedures means that small producers can be FSC-certified at costs that are reasonable for the size of their businesses and competitive with the cost of certification for larger producers. Read more about SLIMF certification here.

Group Certification

Forest owners who wish to share the cost of certification can form a group and apply for one FSC certificate to cover them all, which reduces the cost and workload related to achieving and maintaining an FSC certificate - a good option for small and community producers. Read more about group certification here.

Steps to certification

To help smallholders get started, we’ve outlined the basic steps to getting certified as a small or low-intensity managed forest. You find them here.

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