Success Stories

Benefits that FSC certification has brought to smallholders

FSC certification has had great impact for many smallholders - they have overcome obstacles and gained different benefits. On this page you find some of the success stories that smallholders have told.

Celebrating Success Stories of FSC certification
FSC have created a book, which showcase some examples of the benefits that FSC certification has brought to communities, companies and forests around the world. These ranges from social benefits, supporting communities’ own abilities to organize and manage their forests, to economic incentives to manage forests better and to improved environmental outcomes for forests, natural ecosystems and wildlife. The book is called “Celebrating Success Stories of FSC Certification” and you can download it underneath.

Case Studies
Continually, FSC also collects stories from smallholders around the world. Underneath you can download and read about smallholders’ experiences from all over the world.

Success Stories

Celebrating Success StoriesCelebrating Success Stories

This book showcases some examples of the benefits that FSC certification has brought to communities, companies and forests around the world.


COATLAHL in HondurasCOATLAHL in Honduras

The COATLAHL Cooperative in Honduras obtained FSC certification in 1996. The cooperative holds a group FSC certificate on behalf of 14 small timber-producing community groups.


KHJL in IndonesiaKHJL in Indonesia

This Indonesian case describes the successful formation of a 744 member cooperative, the Koperasi Hutan Jaya Lestari (KHJL), which has maintained FSC group certification since 2005.


APFC in PortugalAPFC in Portugal

This case describes a group certification scheme for owners of small and medium mixed forest in central and northern Portugal.


SWT in ChileSWT in Chile

This Chilean case describes a commercial venture managed by SSC Wood Technologies S.A. (SWT).


Barritskov in DenmarkBarritskov in Denmark

Barritskov Estate was the first FSC certified forest in Denmark. It was certified in 2006 with an area of 331 ha.


Patneshwari in IndiaPatneshwari in India

Patneshwari Agri Cooperative Ltd. (PACL) is a cooperative in India run by farmers looking for sustainable livelihoods from their degraded farmlands.



This case is about Asociación de Productores de Madera de Cerdido (PROMACER), a wood producers association that has obtained FSC group SLIMF certification.


Northwest Certified Forestry in USANorthwest Certified Forestry in USA

This case describes a successful group FSC forest management model designed to support family forest owners and small forests access the market for FSC products.

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