Nicaragua (© Simon Staun)© Simon StaunThere can be some challenges for smallholders related to FSC certification. Therefore, FSC is developing different ways to support smallholders by  helping them overcome potential challenges, get FSC certified and get access to new markets and clients to improve their sales.

In this section you find the different support mechanisms that FSC has creates to help smallholders.

In the Smallholder Fund section you can read about how smallholders can apply for small grants to improve their capacity to achieve and maintain FSC certification, strengthen their ability to benefit from the FSC system, and increase supply of FSC certified materials.

The Market Access section describes ways that FSC is supporting smallholders to distinguish themselves in the market. In addition, it outlines efforts that FSC is undertaking with regards to market development and partnerships that help smallholders benefit from their responsible forest management practices.

Train the Trainer is a section that describes the Train the Trainers Program. This program is a model for training development through the global FSC Network. The program is designed to build the capacity of our network to bring appropriate training to the local level for smallholders.

Under Guidance you find different materials created to reach out to small and community forest owners, help them understand the benefits of FSC certification, and to help them achieve certification.

In the Technical Materials section you find materials that can assist the certification process.

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