Market Access

Helping smallholders find markets for their FSC certified products

COATLAHL (© Photo courtesy of Simon Staun)© Photo courtesy of Simon StaunMarket access is a common concern for small and community forest enterprises around the world. Smaller volumes and longer intervals between harvests can make it more difficult for them to find a good market for their forest products. FSC is working to support better market access for smallholders.

FSC helps smallholders to distinguish themselves in the market and makes it easier for buyers to find small and community sources of timber and non-timber forest products. FSC is also working with Fairtrade to test dual-labelling as a way to bring more benefit back to small and community forest-based enterprises through fair prices and good forestry. Finally, FSC will soon launch the FSC Marketplace- where buyers can connect with small and community producers better than ever before.

In this section you can read more about the different efforts to create improved market access for smallholders:
Small and Community Label Option
FSC and Fairtrade Dual-labelling Program
FSC Marketplace

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