Assessment of Environmental Impacts

Forest in Ecuador (© FSC Denmark)© FSC DenmarkEnvironmental impact assessment (EIA) is an assessment of the impacts (positive or negative) that a proposed activity may have on the natural environment. EIA also determines the significance of the impacts and what level of impact is acceptable.

The purpose of EIA is to ensure that forest managers consider the environmental impacts of their operations and use the results of the assessments to improve their plans if negative impacts are expected.

EIAs are useful in identifying impacts of specific operations that are likely to have environmentally damaging effects. Some of the most common operations in forest harvesting have specific impacts. For SLIMFs, a big part of assessing this type of impact is using common sense and thinking about the consequences of your actions before you do something. However, even at the level of the smallholder, carrying out new actions and moving into new areas may require more formal impact assessment.

Download the briefing note below and learn more about environmental impact assessment.


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