Members and FSC governance

How does membership work?

Benefits of membership (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.FSC membership is open to both individuals and institutions, who pay different fees and are subject to slightly different application processes.
Both individual and institutional members have the right to attend the General Assembly, FSC’s highest decision-making body. They can formulate, submit and vote on General Assembly motions which fundamentally affect the way that FSC is run. FSC members can also stand as and vote for candidates for the Board of Directors.

FSC is a democratic, consensus-seeking organization. It has a balanced voting structure to ensure that all voices are heard. The General Assembly is divided into three chambers – social, economic and environmental. When individuals and organizations apply to become members, they must choose to join one of these three chambers.

Each chamber is further divided into a Northern and Southern sub-chamber, and votes are weighted equally between each chamber, as shown in the chart below. The votes of organizational members are also weighted to reflect the fact that organizational members represent more people than individual members. 

Graph illustrating FSC weighting of organizational and individual votes (© FSC<sup>®</sup>)© FSC®Graph illustrating FSC weighting of organizational and individual votes

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