Welcome to the FSC Stakeholder Portal

Resources for Stakeholders (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.FSC is multi-stakeholder organization and provides opportunities for the public to participate in processes related to standard-setting and assessments.

Stakeholder engagement is an important part of the FSC system and helps FSC identify ways to strengthen standards, processes, assessments and other activities.

Resources for Stakeholders

The section below provides links to further resources that outline how stakeholders can participate in the FSC system and have a say in the future of the world's forests.

FSC Dispute Resolution System
Designed in a modular way, the FSC Dispute Resolution System provides stakeholders with a way to express concerns they may have with any part of the FSC system online here.

Forest management (FM) assessments
Find listings of upcoming forest management (FM) assessments online here.

Certification Body (CB) assessments
Find listings of upcoming certification body (CB) assessments online here (ASI website).

Updates to stakeholders
Find statements and updates from FSC on current issues online here.

Information on forest issues
Find statements and information related to the most discussed forest issues online here.

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