Greenpeace Complaint against Siforco in the DRC closed and Re-association of the Danzer Group

In November 2011, Greenpeace International filed a complaint against FSC’s association with Siforco and its parent company The Danzer Group. Effective 21 May 2013, the FSC Board of Directors decided to disassociate from the Danzer Group. On 14 August 2014, FSC announced the lifting of the disassociation.

FSC disassociated from Danzer and set a number of conditions that Danzer had to fulfil before re-applying for certification. In January and February 2014 the Forest Peoples Programme (FPP) conducted field missions to verify Danzer’s and Siforco’s fulfillment of these conditions. Subsequently, the FSC Board of Directors (BoD) decided that it did not have enough evidence to be confident that the conditions had been completely fulfilled and asked FSC to negotiate a roadmap for re-association with Danzer.

In 2014 FPP conducted desk audits and a field visit to Bumba to verify the fulfillment of the roadmap. Based on the findings of the FPP report and an assessment by the FSC Quality Assurance Unit, FSC decided to lift the disassociation from the Danzer Group.

For Further Information...

Read the FSC Danzer Re-association Statement in English and French

Read the FSC Quality Assurance Unit’s Assessment of the Fulfilment of the Roadmap for Re-association by Danzer

Download the Forest Peoples Programme’s Report on the fulfilment of the conditions for the re-associaton of Danzer

Re-association process of Danzer:

• 21 May 2013: FSC announces disassociation from the Danzer Group.

• June 2013: MoU finalized with Danzer detailing the conditions for re-association.

• December 2013: FSC commissioned Forest Peoples Programme to verify the implementation of the conditions. (Download the ToR of FPP)

• January 2014: Publication of the swisspeace Final Report, the Danzer Progress Report and the swisspeace Conflict Sensitivity Due Diligence Manual.

• January / February 2014: Field missions by FPP to Siforco / Bumba region (DRC) and IFO (Republic of Congo).

• By 20 February 2014: Receipt of FPP verification report. The FPP report will be shared with parties to the PfA complaint (complainant, defendant) who can comment on the report and the FSC Board Complaint Resolution Committee.

• By 5 March 2014: The FSC Quality Assurance Unit will have done a plausibility / comprehensiveness check of FPP report, evaluated the comments by the parties and based on this drafted a Decision document including options and recommendations for the FSC Board of Directors for a re-association process.

• By 17-21 March 2014: Board decision on re-association including any relevant specifications.

• 3 April 2014: Updated FAQ - Decision to disassociate from Danzer

• 8 July 2014: Roadmap for Re-Association with Danzer Group Established

• 14 August 2014: FSC announcement of the Re-association with the Danzer Group.

• 18 November 2014:  Updated Action Plan for the Implementation of Conflict Sensitivity Due Diligence Manual by Danzer.

Archieve of Documents related to the Complaint

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