Asia Pulp and Paper (APP)

Status: Disassociated (Roadmap development phase)


Defendant: Asia Pulp and Paper (APP)
Date disassociated: October 2007
Countries: Indonesia
Allegations: FSC disassociated from APP in October 2007 because of substantial, publicly available information that APP was involved in destructive forestry practices, which brought it into conflict with the FSC mission.
Current Status: Stakeholder consultation on the Roadmap draft is open until 20 Jan 2017. FSC has been developing a roadmap addressing APP's non-compliance with the FSC Policy for Association. The roadmap provides APP with a framework for compensating social and environmental legacy impacts and improving its practices and performance on the ground. APP Roadmap Draft 4


Date Activity
Dec 2016 The 2nd and final consultation of draft roadmap is open until 20 Jan 2017. APP Roadmap Draft 4
June-Nov 2016 Based on the consultation feedback, FSC negotiates with key stakeholders and APP.
April-May 2016 FSC opens the draft roadmap for stakeholders consultation, with an extension of 30 days. APP Roadmap Draft 1 | FAQ for APP Roadmap D1
2016 March FSC and APP agree on a consultation draft of the roadmap. A four-week consultation, open to FSC members and regional stakeholders, is launched on April 4.
2015 November The FSC Board mandates the FSC secretariat to move forward with a proposed framework of roadmap commitments and to consult important national, regional, and global stakeholders representing social, environmental, and economic interests about them.
2015 September An FSC delegation meets APP in Jakarta to discuss the key elements and an overall outline of a roadmap towards conformity with the FSC Policy for Association.
2015 August The FSC Board mandates the secretariat to enter into a dialogue with APP about the development of an action and monitoring plan (a roadmap) for phasing out, correcting, compensating for, and preventing the recurrence of any previously identified, or ongoing, non-compliance with the FSC Policy for Association.
2015 July The FSC secretariat tables the decision to enter a formal roadmap at the August 2015 Board Meeting in Kuala Lumpur. APP submits additional documentation, policy, and progress updates at the request of FSC.
2015 March APP requests that FSC agrees to postpone further discussions so that APP can deploy all its resources to investigate a fatal incident at one of its suppliers’ concessions. FSC agrees to this request.
2015 February Rainforest Alliance publishes its independent evaluation of APP’s progress in meeting its own Forest Conservation Policy (FCP). Additionally, APP provides FSC with a progress update for the period from August 2014 (end of the fieldwork of the Rainforest Alliance evaluation).
2014 August FSC publishes a third update on its disassociation from APP that outlines the path to potentially ending disassociation (see ‘Outlook’ below).
2014 April The FSC Board announces the continuation of informal talks with APP on the potential for ending the disassociation.
2014 February APP submits an update to FSC on its progress in implementing the FCP together with further documentation indicating its commitment to the FSC Policy for Association.
2014 January Rainforest Alliance announces that it has been asked by APP to undertake an independent evaluation of the progress APP has made in implementing its FCP and related public commitments.
2013 November FSC releases a first public update on recent developments, outlining the conditions for any consideration of ending the disassociation which under any circumstances would not take place prior to completion of at least a full year of implementation of APP’s new conservation policy.
2013 February APP announces a new FCP, with one part focused on the complete adoption of the FSC Principles and Criteria for high conservation value forests across its entire supply chain.
2012 December APP approaches FSC, stating that it has undergone fundamental changes and that it would therefore like to enter into a constructive dialogue on the possibility of renewed association with FSC.
2007 October FSC disassociates from APP. The decision is made because of substantial publicly available information that APP is involved in destructive forestry practices, which brings it into conflict with the FSC mission.
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