Certification of Plantations

Certification of Plantations (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.Natural forests alone are not able and should not be expected to supply the world's needs for wood and fiber. More intensive production systems are needed for this.

FSC recognizes the pressure placed on the world’s forests from the ever-increasing demand for timber resources. It supports the responsible use of natural forests as a complementary strategy to support the conservation of the world's forests.

As a general principle, the more intensive a production system is, the higher its conservation efforts should be. Also, by working with the different realities between forests and plantations, FSC will better be able to achieve its mission of promoting responsible forest management.

However, FSC certified plantations do not replace natural forests. FSC does not support conversion of natural forests to plantations or other land uses.

FSC currently reviewed recently the implementation of the FSC Principles and Criteria in plantations. Many FSC members and stakeholders were constructively engaging with FSC in the Plantations Review.

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