FSC Controlled Wood

FSC Controlled Wood (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.FSC has strict requirements to supervise the controlled wood material used in FSC-Mixed Sources products.

The controlled wood material must comply with the FSC Controlled Wood standards and be independently verified before it is mixed with FSC certified material.

Besides addressing international concerns on illegal logging, FSC Controlled Wood also includes a balanced consideration of key social and environmental issues. It ensures a minimum performance level on the ground.

This is particularly important in countries where forest related legislation and governance are weak, where compliance with legality can still happen with socially and environmentally unacceptable practices, such as forest conversion or violation of indigenous peoples’ rights.

The purpose of Controlled Wood is to support the production of “FSC Mixed Sources” labelled products and increase availability of FSC certified products. It is not intended to create a parallel market with lower standards than FSC’s Principles and Criteria. In fact, FSC Controlled Wood far exceeds the standards of other certification systems with regard to environmental and social criteria for non-certified material.

You can find more information on FSC Controlled Wood here.

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