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199,966,517 ha certified
38,542 CoC certificates
1,638 FM/CoC certificates

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Stakeholders may use the online form to submit a complaint about the operation of the FSC certification system, the FSC Network, the FSC accreditation program or the performance of FSC accredited certification bodies.

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FSC Dispute Resolution System

Supports stakeholders to express concerns they may have with the operation of the FSC system and to find the best way of resolving disputes. FSC is committed to facilitating consistent and timely evaluation of complaints and appeals raised by stakeholders against decisions, performances or any other issues within the FSC scheme. For more information about the Dispute Resolution System please click here.

Complaints against Certificate Holders

Complaints against certificate holders shall be first filed to the relevant certification body who shall undertake the investigation of the complaint.

Any complaint about certified organizations which has not been referred to the relevant certification body for resolution will be directed to the CB and not handled by FSC.

FSC accredited certification bodies

If you have any doubts or need more information, please contact dispute.resolution@fsc.org.

Data Protection
All data entered is kept private and will only be used for the designated purpose. We will not sell or distribute the e-mail addresses of anyone using this system, and will obey all applicable laws concerning data protection.