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First Consultation

Consultation objectives

The objective of this consultation is to get an impression of the support inside the FSC community for an FSC Carbon Footprint Procedure, its possible use by certificate holders, and possible objectives or concerns (political, practical, technical, etc.) about such a tool.


FSC is proposing to develop a new procedure for calculating the carbon footprint of FSC-labelled products. ‘Carbon footprinting’ is becoming increasingly important as part of the global effort to mitigate climate change and achieve the Paris Agreement objective to limit global warming to 2° or even 1.5°C. One specific use is for accurately estimating the climate benefits of using biomass for the production of bio-energy, but there is increasing interest in estimating and reducing the carbon footprint of products as wide ranging as furniture, construction wood, paper, and packaging.

Many tools exist for estimating carbon footprints, but none meet the high standards of the world’s most rigorous forest certification system. The FSC Carbon Footprint Procedure will address emissions from biogenic carbon as well as the carbon ‘debt’ that can arise from the emissions generated by forest harvest, resulting in a more accurate tool that will help stakeholders make sound policy decisions and bring consensus to challenging debates. Companies using this procedure will feel confident that they have used the most credible calculation available. In relevant cases, they could also avoid the cost of engaging with other certification schemes that provide carbon accounting.

The procedure will prescribe the approach that any FSC chain-of-custody certificate holder should use when making claims about the carbon footprint of any FSC-labelled product. The procedure will be aligned with the new FSC procedure for demonstrating the impact of forest stewardship activities on carbon and other ecosystem services in certified forests (FSC-PRO-30-002), extending the estimate of climate benefits along the product chain. The Carbon Footprint Procedure will be linked with the FSC Chain of Custody Standard. The procedure will not be compulsory unless carbon footprint claims are being made.

While in most cases it will the company at the end of a supply chain – i.e. the seller of an FSC-certified and labelled product – that will be most interested in a carbon footprint for communication, their suppliers and companies further up the supply chain will have to feed in information about activities undertaken that result on the emission of greenhouse gases. Agreement along the supply chain is therefore necessary to make this happen, coordinated by the end-user.


  • PROPOSAL: Development of a new normative document (including impact analysis)
    PROPOSAL: Development of a new normative document (including impact analysis)

Consultation period

29 November 2016 to 10 January 2017

Target group

We invite FSC stakeholders, including:

  • FSC members
  • FSC certificate holders
  • FSC-accredited certification bodies
  • FSC network partners
  • FSC stakeholders, including environmental organizations

to take part in this consultation.