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Forest management requirements for FSC Controlled Wood certification (FSC-STD-30-010)
Status: The review process is on hold until further notice.


Title: Forest management requirements for FSC® Controlled,Wood certification
Code: FSC-STD-30-010 V3-0
Type: Standard
Coordinator: Joanna Nowakowska
Objective(s) of the document: This standard specifies the rules and regulations for organizations to demonstrate conformance with FSC controlled wood requirements at the management unit level.
Purpose of the revision: The purpose of this process was to revise the standard so that it is strengthened and conceptually aligned with the revised standard FSC-STD-40-005, and the FSC Principles and Criteria.
Working Group: Environmental Chamber
Judy Rodrigues (Greenpeace)
Sean Cadman (The Wilderness Society)
Miguel Pacheco Ganoza (WWF)

Social Chamber
Peter Wood (Independent Consultant)
Dwi Rahmad Muhtaman (Re.Mark Asia)
Chris van der Goot (Foundation Ecohout)

Economic Chamber
Anders Hildeman (IKEA)
Stewart Begg (SCA)
Kevin O'Grady (Pinnacle Consulting)

Technical experts
Gary Dodge (FSC-US)
Peter Feilberg (Nepcon)
Martha Nuñez (Independent consultant – previously representing the Social Chamber but elected as an FSC Board member)


Date Activity Link
To be determined Technical review of the document  
November 2015 FSC Board of directors decides to put the major revision on hold. And instead to
have the current version of the standard (V2-0) undergo a minor technical revision.
Read news item
2014 Field tests of the draft standard in Australia and Vietnam Read report
May - June 2014 Stakeholder consultation on the second draft of the revised standard  
September - November 2013 Stakeholder consultation on the first draft of the revised standard Synopsis
May - July 2013 Consultation on Controlled Wood Interim Measures (Advice notes) Details
November 2011 Chamber-balanced working group was assembled https://ic.fsc.org/cw-technical-committee.590.htm