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National Standard Development
Review of process for the development of Forest Stewardship Standards

How can FSC increase the certified area covered by national and regional Forest Stewardship Standards and so increase local stakeholder support where currently we rely on Certification Body interim standards?


Development and approval of national and regional Forest Stewardship Standards has been transfered from Accreditation Services International to the FSC Policy and Standards Program. This means that national and regional FSC Forest Stewardship Standards will be developed along similar lines to international standards developed within FSC.

The draft standard (FSC-STD-60-006) addresses this change and builds in mechanisms such as allowing regional approaches; prior approval of the national or regional processes; and the opportunity for bodies other than accredited FSC National Working Groups to develop standards.


The development process of FSC-STD-60-006 is completed.


These mechanisms together with prioritization of regions and staff dedicated to this task will mean a more efficient processes and approval for FSC National Forest Stewardship Standards and increase stakeholder support.


If you have any questions regarding the development of national indicators, please contact national.indicators@fsc.org