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Global Witness V. Dalhoff Larsen and Horneman (DLH)
Status: Re-associated


Global Witness (GW)

Dalhoff Larsen and Horneman (DLH)

10 February 2014

24 February 2014

Denmark/ Liberia

The complaint alleged that DLH had purchased illegal timber harvested under Liberian Private Use Permits, and that this timber was exported to Bangladesh, China and France.


Date Event
November 2017

The FSC Board of Directors decides to lift the ‘probationary status’ of the re-association process.

The re-association process of DLH is now concluded and FSC considers the case closed. 

August 2017 DLH completes implementation of the revised action plan.
October 2016 DLH begins implementation of the revised action plan.
30 September 2016 FSC approves the revised action plan.
2 September 2016 DLH presents the revised action plan to FSC for approval.
July – August 2016

A further consultation is held with affected community members to develop a revised action plan.

A revised action plan is developed by DLH based on the input gathered through the consultation with the communities.

7 - 19 February 2016

DLH commissions Engineers without Borders to conduct a feasibility study of the approved action plan.

The study reveals that the approved action plan is no longer feasible and that revisions to the plan are needed.

21 December 2015 FSC ends the disassociation with DLH on a probationary basis.
16 December 2015 DLH submits documentation to FSC showing the progress made towards the fulfillment of the conditions to end the disassociation.
12 November 2015 FSC Board of Directors approves the action plan.
23 October 2015 DLH presents an action plan to FSC describing the activities that DLH will undertake to compensate three communities in Liberia.
12 February 2015 FSC disassociation from the DLH Group is made public on FSC website.
9 February 2015 FSC Director General Kim Carstensen informs GW about the decision to disassociate from DLH.
30 January 2015 FSC Director General Kim Carstensen informs DLH about the decision to disassociate from DLH.
8 January 2015 FSC Board of Directors takes the final decision to disassociate from the DLH Group, and agrees on the set of conditions that DLH shall fulfill in order to end the disassociation.
10 December 2014 – 8 January 2015 The FSC Quality Assessment Unit develops a briefing paper on the social and environmental impacts of the incorrect issuance of private use permits in Liberia, and an analysis of DLH’s due diligence system.
10 December 2014 FSC Board of Directors discusses the recommendation by the complaints panel
1 December 2014 The FSC Quality Assurance Unit produces a quality assessment report, assessing the quality of the complaints panel evaluation report.
26 November 2014 Parties to the complaint submit a statement regarding their position in relation to the recommendation of the complaints panel.
11 November 2014 Public summary and the recommendation of the complaints panel are shared with the parties.
11 November 2014 Complaints panel submits its evaluation report and public summary, recommending disassociation from DLH and all its subsidiaries.
1 July 2014 – 11 November 2014 Complaints panel undertakes an independent evaluation of the complaint.
1 - 2 July 2014 First complaints panel meeting in London.
1 July 2014 Complaints panel is established.
24 February 2014 FSC accepts the complaint filed by GW.
10 February 2014 GW files a complaint against DLH with FSC International.