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Fiji Pine, Tropik Wood Industries, and Tropik Wood Products
Status: Closed (Association Maintained)

Complainant: Building and Wood Workers International (BWI) and the International Trade Union Congress (ITUC) (GW)

Defendant: Fiji Pine, Tropik Wood Industries, and Tropik Wood Products

Filed: 24 November 2014

Accepted: 1 May 2015

Country: Fiji

Allegations: The complaint alleges that the above companies are in violation of the FSC Policy for Association (FSC-PRO-01-004) due to national Fijian legislation that is allegedly incompatible with International Labor Organization Core Conventions 87 (freedom of association) and 98 (collective bargaining).

Complaints evaluation result:
An independent complaints panel was established in December 2015. The panel submitted the evaluation report in June 2016. During the evaluation period, the situation around the case evolved considerably: The Fijian Government repealed the Essential National Industries decree, a piece of legislation that allegedly violated the ILO conventions, the ILO closed the complaint filed by ITUC against the government, and Fiji's National Union of Workers renegotiated a collective bargaining agreement with Fiji Pine Ltd.

Considering all these developments, the complaints panel concluded and recommended FSC to maintain the association with the companies. Based on the above and other analysis, the FSC International Board of Directors have agreed to maintain association with Fiji Pine Ltd, Tropik Wood Industries and Tropik Wood Products on 21 July 2016.

Highlight of decision:

The public version of the evaulation report
The Board's decision for Fiji Pine case


Date Activity
29 August 2016 FSC announces the decision of maintaining association on the FSC international website
21 July 2016 FSC Board of Directors makes final decision based on the recommendations by the complaints panel in the evaluation report
7 & 15 July 2016 Both complainants and defendant submit a statement regarding their positioning relation to the recommendation of the complaints panel
24 June 2016 Public version of the Complaints Panel Evaluation Report is shared with the defendant and the complainants
23 June 2016 The FSC Quality Assurance Unit produces a quality assessment of the Complaints Panel Evaluation Report
17 June 2016 Complaints Panel Evaluation Report is submitted to FSC
Jan 2016 Complaints panel starts the evaluation
Dec 2015 Complaints panel established
1 May 2015 Complaint accepted