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FSC Carbon Footprint Procedure


Title: FSC Carbon Footprint Procedure
Type: Procedure
Coordinator: John Hontelez
Start Date: 29 November 2016
Purpose: The FSC Carbon Footprint Procedure is meant to be used by FSC certificate holders, on a voluntary basis, to calculate and communicate the carbon footprint of FSC-labelled products. It is for the certificate holders that make the final products to mobilise/convince their suppliers and the forest manager at the origin of the supply chain, to cooperate according to the FSC Procedure.
Objective(s): The objective of this process is to get an impression of the support inside the FSC community for an FSC Carbon Footprint Procedure, its possible use by certificate holders, and possible objectives or concerns (political, practical, technical, etc.) about such a tool.
Working Group:


Date Activity Link
2016 Establishing the need for a new normative document Click here to read proposal
2016 Public consultation Click here to particpate