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Developing Guidance for High Conservation Values (FSC-GUI-30-009 V1-0 and FSC-GUI-60 009 V1-0 D1-2)



Developing guidance for High Conservation Values (HCV)

Code: FSC-GUI-30-009 V1-0 & FSC-GUI-60 009 V1-0 D1-2
Type: Guideline
Coordinator: Diana Franco Gil
Start Date: 3 May 2016
Purpose: FSC is developing guidance for different stakeholders, including Standard Development Groups (SDGs) and forest managers, on how to interpret Principle 9. The guidance will give advice to identify, assess, maintain, enhance, and monitor HCVs, including intact forest landscapes.
  1. Developing guidance for managing and maintaining HCV’s in FSC certified forests.
  2. Developing guidance for Standard Development Groups (SDGs) to develop national HCV Frameworks
  3. Developing guidance for protecting intact forest landscapes respecting Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)
Technical Writer: John Cathro, Canada 
Working Group: Seven working group members comprise the high conservation values technical working group
  • Cynthia Lu Chin, WWF, Malaysia
  • Pablo I. Ramirez de Arellano, ARAUCO, Chile
  • Mikhail Karpachevskiy, Transparent World, Russia
  • Chris Wedeles, National Standard Development Group, consultant, Canada
  • Daniel Hall, Environmental Guide, USA
  • Rosanne Van Schie, Forest Conservation and Economic Development Advisor Wolf Lake First Nation, Canada
  • Isabel Garcia Drigo, Lead Assessor Rainforest Alliance, Brazil
Technical Experts: 

Three technical experts support the technical working group:

  • Pamela Perreault, FSC Canada, Canada
  • Vanessa Linforth, FSC IC, UK
  • Anders Lindhe, HCV RN, Sweden


Date Activity Link
7 November 2017 to 5 January 2018 Public consultation on the draft of HCV Guidance for Standard Development Groups: Developing National High Conservation Value Frameworks Read Technical news item
11 October 2017 Side event at the General Assembly in Vancouver: Can P3+P9 co-exist? Towards a better understanding of FPIC and HCV FSC General Assembly Programme
4 to 8 September 2017 HCV Technical Working Group fourth meeting in Lisbon (Portugal).   
February 2017 HCV Technical Working Group third meeting in Bonn (Germany)  
3 May to 9 July 2016 The revised draft of the HCV Manager's Guide and the IFL indicators are open for public consultation Click here to read the First Consultation
July 2016 HCV Technical Working Group second meeting in Bonn (Germany)  
October 2015 HCV Technical Working Group kick off meeting in Bonn (Germany) Read Technical news item
18 March 2015 Terms of Reference HCV Technical Working Group Click here to read the terms of reference