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Intact Forest Landscape Indicators – International Generic Indicators (FSC-STD-60-004 V1-1 EN)


Title: Intact forest landscape (IFL) indicators – international generic indicators (IGIs)
Code: FSC-STD-60-004 V1-1
Type: Standard
Coordinator: Pasi Miettinen
Start Date: March 2015
Purpose: Addressing Motion 65 in National Forest Stewardship Standards and Interim National Standards
Objective(s): The objective of the review is to collect the views of stakeholders on the suggested changes and IFL indicators that have been introduced to the IGIs developed for National Forest Stewardship Standards. In particular, the changes pertain to instructions for standard developers on Principle 9: high conservation values, and Annex H: Assessment of intact forest landscape core area, which contains information on conducting an assessment of IFLs at the national or eco-regional scale.
Technical Writer: John Cathro, Canada 
Working Group: Eleven technical experts comprise the intact forest landscapes indicators/high conservation values technical working group (HCV-TWG):
  • Cynthia Lu Chin, WWF, Malaysia
  • Alain Marius Ngoya-Kessy, Republic of the Congo
  • Brian Milakovsky, USA
  • Pablo I. Ramirez de Arellano, ARAUCO, Chile
  • Mikhail Karpachevskiy, Transparent World, Russia
  • Chris Wedeles, National Standard Development Group, consultant, Canada
  • Daniel Hall, Environmental Guide, USA
  • Rosanne Van Schie, Forest Conservation and Economic Development Advisor Wolf Lake First Nation, Canada
  • Kapupu Diwa, Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Congo Basin Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Isabel Garcia Drigo, Lead Assessor Rainforest Alliance, Brazil
  • Dian Intarini, Center of International Forestry Research, Indonesia
Technical Experts: 
  • Pamela Perreault, FSC Canada, Canada
  • Vanessa Linforth, FSC IC, UK
  • Anders Lindhe, HCV RN, Sweden



Date Activity Link
September 2017 Questions and Answers on the International Generic Indicators (IGIs) developed for Intact Forest Landscapes (Motion 65 GA 2014) is published Read Questions and Answers document
September 2017 Draft version of the International Generic Indicators (IGIs) developed for Intact Forest Landscapes (Motion 65 GA 2014) is published Click here to read the draft version
February 2017 HCV Technical Working Group third meeting in Bonn (Germany) We are currently assessing feedback from the first consultation.
3 May to 9 July 2016 The revised draft of the Guide and the IFL indicators are open for public consultation Click here to read the First Consultation
July 2016 HCV Technical Working Group second meeting in Bonn (Germany)  
October 2015 HCV Technical Working Group kick off meeting in Bonn (Germany) Read technical news item
March 2015 Terms of Reference HCV Technical Working Group Click here to read the terms of reference
2014 GA Motion 65 Read Membership Updates