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193,486,329 ha certified
32,047 CoC certificates
1,472 FM/CoC certificates

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Your guide to policies, standards, and procedures

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The FSC normative framework is the name given to the collection of FSC policies, standards, and procedures that are mandatory for certificate holders and FSC-accredited certification bodies.

We also publish guidance documents containing technical information, but these are considered informative, rather than normative. To find out about a specific policy, standard, or procedure, search the FSC Document Catalogue.

Transparent and inclusive processes

All our members and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the development and review of our normative framework. You can join a committee as a technical advisor; provide feedback in a public consultation of a normative document; or even become a member of a consultative forum. You can find all opportunities for participation in the FSC system in our Processes and Reviews section, and make sure to sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter to have all updates delivered directly to your inbox.