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Status: Creation of First Draft


Title: FSC Pesticides Policy
Code: FSC-POL-30-001
Type: Policy
Coordinator: Dian Intarini
Start Date: August 2015
Purpose: This policy regulates the use of pesticides in FSC certified operations.
Objective(s): To identify the best feasible approach to reduce the use of chemical pesticides in FSC certified forests and plantations and to prevent, minimize and mitigate the related environmental and social impacts.
Working Group and technical experts:
  • Colin Maunder, Timberlands Limited, economic North,
  • Jonas Felipe Salvador, Duratex Florestal Ltda, economic South,
  • Rina Guadagnini, Pesticide Action Network UK, environmental North,
  • Debbie Muir, Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), environmental South,
  • Wade Cachagee, Cree-Tech Inc., social North,
  • Doralice Ortiz Ortiz, Corporación Aldea Global, social South,
  • Verica Vasic, University of Novi Sad, Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment, economic South,
  • Robinson Antonio Pitelli, São Paulo State University – UNESP, environmental South,
  • Melanie (Lain) Dare, University of Canberra, social North


Date Activity Link
 27-30 September 2016 Pesticides Policy Working Group KICK OFF Meeting in Bonn  
21 June 2016 Working Group established to revise FSC Pesticides Policy Read technical news update
20 February 2016 Open call for working group members of social and environmental chambers Read technical news update
15 December 2015 Open call for stakeholders and technical experts to join working group for revision of FSC Pesticides Policy Read technical news update
10 November 2015 Terms of reference (ToR) for the working group approved by the FSC International Board of Directors Read ToR