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38,333 CoC certificates
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Delivering Forests For All Forever
The FSC Global Strategic Plan 2015-2020 clarifies FSC’s identity and role in the global forest system to ensure that our direction fits the challenges that the world’s forests and forest stakeholders face.

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In the 20 years since our founding, we have created a certification system that mobilizes the force of the market, offering people a way to create positive impact in forests and communities through their purchasing decisions.

Through our unique governance model we have shaped a global dialogue to define responsible forest management. This has led to large-scale change on the ground and positive outcomes for forests and the people that depend on them.

Unfortunately, much of the world still faces major forest challenges – we need to be bolder, stronger, and measurably more effective. This is why the strategic plan declares our intention to more than double our share of global forest-based trade by 2020, to 20 per cent.

The strategic plan is a commitment to improving FSC’s certification system, and an aspiration to use our unique convening strengths in new ways to fulfill our mission. It has an emphasis on increasing FSC certification in tropical countries, and providing voice to those most affected by mismanaged forests – Indigenous Peoples, workers, communities, women, and smallholders - while meeting the needs of our current certificate holders.

The three strategies that make up the plan acknowledge our two core areas of work – our normative framework and standards, and positioning FSC in the marketplace – and the transformation that needs to take place within FSC as an organization to excel in these two core areas.


It is a ‘living document’ and will be revised by the Board of Directors as our operations evolve. Please check back regularly for any updates.