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34,830 CoC certificates
1,590 FM/CoC certificates

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Business purposes and units of FSC AC, IC and GD

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The Forest Stewardship Council International (FSC International) consist of the entities “FSC Asociación Civil” (FSC AC), “FSC International Center GmbH” (FSC IC) and “FSC Global Development Gmbh” (FSC GD). While the latter two are located in Bonn,Germany, FSC AC is located in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is the mother organization of FSC IC and FSC GD. FSC Invesments and Partnerships is associated with FSC International and located in Seattle, U.S.

FSC Asociación Civil

Kim Carstensen, Director General

Directors Office

Guillermina Garza, Director
Cynthia Farfan, Intern

John Hontelez, Chief Advocacy Officer

Membership and Administration
Rosalina Guzmán, Accountant
Lore Castellanos, Accountant
Alma Rosa Bartolo, Membership Officer

FSC International Center

Performance and Standards Unit

Stefan Salvador, Director Policy Operations
Hans Joachim Droste, Chief Policy Officer
Dorothee Jung, System Development Manager
Amrita Narayanan, Relationship Manager
Jesse Cruz, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Officer
Cecilia Gervasi, Administrative Assistant
Joanna Zieba, Administrative Assistant
Iris Budweth, Administrative Assistant

Forest Management Program
Pasi Miettinen, Program Manager
Maria Pilar Melero Bravo, Policy Manager (Forest Management)
Diana Franco Gil, Policy Manager (Forest Management)
Ilia Osepashvili, Policy Manager Forest Stewardship Standards
Isaac Malugu, Policy Manager Forest Stewardship Standards

Chain of Custody Program
Lucia Fernanda Mayer Massaroth, Program Manager

Controlled Wood Program
Joanna Nowakowska, Program Manager
Tatjana Stutzkowsky, Policy Manager (Controlled Wood)
Tania Einfeldt, Policy Manager (Controlled Wood)
Manu Jose Mattam, Manager Controlled Wood Implementation
William Cook, Officer (Controlled Wood)
Nicolas Mesia Rojas, Officer Controlled Wood Risk Assessments
Sean Zeng, Officer (Controlled Wood) Implementation and Risk Assessments
Cynthia Peñaloza, Student Assistant (Controlled Wood)

Ecosystem Services Program
Chris Henschel, Program Manager
Rosario Galán, Policy Manager (Ecosystem Services)
Mauro Ciriminna, Policy Manager (ForCES Project)

Social Program
Joachim Meier-Dörnberg, Social Policy Manager

Assurance Quality Program
Rob Ukkerman, Program Manager (Quality Assurance)
Christina Endemann, Officer (Quality Assurance)

FSC Global Development

Kim Carstensen, Managing Director
Frank Harnischfeger, Chief Operating Officer
Angela Rott, Executive Assistant to the Managing Director
Kathleen Gulino, Executive Assistant and Project Assistant Director's Officer

Marketing and Communications Unit

Jeremy Harrison, Director Market Development
Karen van der Westhuizen, Director Communications
Ann-Kathrin Hartmann, Administrative Assistant
Skirmante Tumosaite, Administrative Assistant
Laura Schmitz, Student Assistant

Value Chain Development Program
Julian Nierentz, Program Manager
Felix Romero Cañizares, Value Chain Development Manager
Anushree Shukla, Value Chain Development Manager
Luca Costa, Value Chain Development Officer
Liisa Kelo, Value Chain Development Officer

Trademark Support Program
Saija Hotti, Program Manager
Vicky Tran, Trademark Manager
Ana-Maria Baban, Trademark Manager 

Marketing Program
Carla Tavares, Program Manager
Emmanuel Anger, Brand Manager
Sara Sánchez, Officer (Marketing)
Subhadip Biswas, Student Assistant
Chika Rasikha, Intern

Communications Program
Carla Brown, Program Manager
Estelle Ducroquet, Communications Officer 
Viktoria Taterra, Interim Communications Officer 

Visual Creativity
Arturo Escobar, Creative Manager
Mia Calderon Simo, Student Assistant

Online Communications
Diana Negrea, Program Manager 
Zohaib Zafar, Digital Communications Officer
Hasan Mosharrof, Student Assistant

External Affairs
Alexander Dunn, Program Manager
Arlene Chang, Media Manager
Elaina Wahl, Social Media Officer

Human Resources and Facility Management Department

Matthias Fecht, Head of HR and Facility Management
Agnes Szabo, Officer (Human Resources)
Benjamin Paul, Assistant (Human Resources)
Bea Eimermacher, Assistant (Human Resources)
Natalia Kaltman, Administrative Assistant
Felix Luenzer, Student Assistant

Legal Department

Sebastian Wieschalla, Head of Legal Department
Justina Vaiciute, Legal Counsel
Ugreson Maistry, Trademark Counsel
Maria Migalina, Legal Officer
Morncliff Mudzvatangi, Trademark Administrator
Patricia Odongo-Behnert, Legal Assistant
Nils Wollik, Student Assistant
Marlene Broadhurst, Student Assistant

Finance Department

André Selbach, Head of Finance
Klaus Büntgen-Ezelius, Accountant
Bernd Pieper, Accountant
Antonela Rados, Accountant
Christin Bartke, Accountant

Technology and Information Unit

Michael Marus, Chief Information Officer and Director of IT
Tunji Azeez, Manager (IT and Knowledge Management)
Niyyat Bayramzada, Student Assistant

IT Systems Development
René Schmitz, Business Systems Senior Manager
Maik Siebert, Officer (IT Systems Development)
Mohammed Sheriff, Officer (IT Systems Development)
Ravikiran Bhat, Student Assistant (IT Systems Development)

Monitoring and Evaluation Program
Marion Karmann, Program Manager
Franck Trolliet, Officer (Monitoring and Evaluation)
Jiwon Sung, Student Assistant

Supply Chain Integrity Program
Phil Guillery, Director
Emily Crumley, Supply Chain Integrity Manager

Global Alignment and Integrity Unit

Gemma Boetekees, Global Network Director
Thais Vanessa Ferreira Mattos, European Region Development Officer
Maria Sveistrup, European Region Development Officer
Philipp Moser, Student Assistant

Network Liaison
L. Fernando Rodriguez Terron, Network Liaison Manager
Andrea Renschler, Administrative Coordinator
Laura Paulus, Network Liaison Consultant

Dispute Resolution Program
Salem Jones, Program Manager (Dispute Resolution)
Amparo Arellano Gil, Manager (Dispute Resolution)
Alexander Green, Officer (Dispute Resolution)

FSC Africa Regional Office
Steve Ball, Interim Regional Director Africa
Annah Agasha, Project Manager
Paul Opanga, Manager for Labour Issues
Mathieu Auger-Schwartzenberg, Director Congo Basin
Vincent Mnisi, Communications Manager
William Lawyer, Policy and Standards Officer, Congo Basin
Paule Muriel Mabiala Milandou, Administrative Assistant
Olivia Rickenback, HCV Officer Congo Basin
Manushka Moodley, Sub-Regional Coordinator for Southern Africa

FSC Latin America Regional Office
Pina Gervassi, Director
Janja Eke, Sub-Regional Coordinator Central America
Marisa Massaro Casarrubios, Office Manager
Paola Cassana, Key Account Officer Latin America
Yadid Ordonez, Policy and Standards Manager
Nishme Kahatt, Dispute Resolution Officer
Maria Luisa Munoz Cobo, Communications Manager
Maria Soledad Jaime Artega, Latin America Supply Chain Integrity Officer

FSC Europe Regional Office
Anand Punja, Director

FSC CIS Countries Regional Office
Andrei Ptichnikov, Director
Mariama Mattila, Market Development Manager for CIS

FSC Asia Pacific Regional Office
Adam Beaumont, Director
Jayco Fung, Market Development Manager (Asia Pacific)
Shizuka Yasui, Quality Assurance Coordinator (Asia Pacific)
June Ng Thompson, Communications Manager
Jing Zhang, Online Claims Platform Asia Pacific Coordinator
Prabowo Hartono, National Representative Indonesia
Indra Seti Dewi, Marketing and Communications Manager (Indonesia)

FSC China Office
Ma Lichao, Country Director
Wang Qinghua, Operations Director
Yu Yanqing, Business Development Manager
Wang Yanyan, Technical Officer
Wang Xiaoqian, Administration and Financial Assistant

FSC Investments and Partnerships

Mark Smith, Head of Investments and Partnerships
Pamela Olson, Operations Manager
Jennifer Whitaker, Relationship Manager
Larry Symonds, Corporate & Foundations Manager
Robyn Hall, Operations Assistant

If you are interested to find out which different units make up the entities and what the different purposes of FSC AC, FSC IC and FSC GD are, please click on the pdf.

  • Information on the business purposes and units of FSC AC, IC and GD
    Information on the business purposes and units of FSC AC, IC and GD