FSC International – Forests for All Forever

Facts & Figures

200,767,572 ha certified
35,438 CoC certificates
1,597 FM/CoC certificates

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Business purposes and units of FSC AC, IC and GD

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The Forest Stewardship Council International (FSC International) consist of the entities “FSC Asociación Civil” (FSC AC), “FSC International Center GmbH” (FSC IC) and “FSC Global Development Gmbh” (FSC GD). While the latter two are located in Bonn, Germany, FSC AC is located in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is the mother organization of FSC IC and FSC GD. FSC Investments and Partnerships is associated with FSC International and located in Seattle, U.S.

FSC Leadership

Kim Carstensen, Director General

Frank Harnischfeger, Chief Operating Officer

Global Leadership Team

Guillermina Garza, Director

Stefan Salvador, Director Policy Operations

Hans Joachim Droste, Chief Policy Officer

Jeremy Harrison, Director Market Development

Karen van der Westhuizen, Director Communications

Michael Marus, Chief Information Officer and Director of IT

Gemma Boetekees, Stakeholder Solutions Director and Global Network Director

Steve Ball, Interim Regional Director Africa

Pina Gervassi, Regional Director Latin America

Anand Punja, Regional Director Europe

Adam Beaumont, Regional Director Asia Pacific

Ma Lichao, China Country Director