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199,966,517 ha certified
38,542 CoC certificates
1,638 FM/CoC certificates

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Empowerment of People
Who are the people that live and work in forests?

© FSC GD / Christian Irrgang

Every day, people live, work, and play in forests around the world. As you read this, for example, young people in the Amazon rainforest at the Luthier Amazonas Workshop School are crafting string instruments from local timber.

At FSC, we’re strong believers that forests should be managed not just with the present generation in mind, but with a focus on the future. With this motivation, social, economic, environmental – as well as ecological, cultural, and spiritual – needs are all factored into FSC decision-making: to empower the environment and the people who live in it.

FSC-certified organizations around the world must meet certain requirements to prove they are taking care of (and not harming) forests and the people whose daily lives rely on them.

Ensuring that the rights of forest-dependent communities are prioritized is really important to us.

Workers’ rights and employment conditions also really matter. That’s the reason that FSC-certified forest management operations must maintain or enhance workers’ social and economic wellbeing if they wish to maintain, and promote, their certification status.

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