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Facts & Figures

200,914,890 ha certified
35,735 CoC certificates
1,599 FM/CoC certificates

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Supporting Supply Chains
From forest to store, we’re committed to the credibility, transparency, and simplification of the FSC supply chain


FSC is committed to providing organizations and consumers worldwide with the assurance that the forest products they buy and sell come from responsibly managed resources.

In fact, FSC chain of custody (CoC) certification covers more than 50,000 companies worldwide buying, selling, and trading FSC-certified material. 

Building on this world-renowned certification, we offer industry-leading monitoring and enforcement tools that help ensure companies of all sizes keep certified and non-certified materials separated throughout the supply chain.

As we evolve CoC certification, we are introducing a more flexible system that incorporates new advances in technology, as well as the lessons we have learned from 20 years of experience.

For us, achieving this level of success is significant, but we are committed to the ongoing accuracy and transparency of the FSC supply chain, which is why we run initiatives around the world (see below) aimed at addressing inaccurate claims in the FSC system.

Online Claims Platform (OCP)

The Online Claims Platform (OCP) is a voluntary digital tool that makes it easier for organizations to apply for CoC certification. It reduces the administrative burden of CoC certification, and provides real-time information about FSC products and the organizations that produce them, allowing simple validation on FSC transactions. It is free of charge for certificate holders.

Sample Testing

Since 2011, FSC has been conducting sample tests of FSC-certified products as a quality control measure. Sample testing of timber-based products allows buyers, sellers and traders to ensure that the products they receive from suppliers are what they claim to be. We are committed to putting resources in place that allow for the ongoing testing of FSC-certified products to provide producers with added assurance against inaccurate claims.

FSC/ASI Integrity Project

FSC, in collaboration with Accreditation Services International (ASI), is conducting a global assessment of inaccurate claims in high-risk supply chains. It is also piloting new solutions to managing high-risk supply chains in China, with the aim of expanding successful initiatives to other countries in the future. Some supply chains currently included are bamboo, oak and charcoal.