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National News

Leading the Race for the Survival of the Cheetah

9 de febrero de 2018 · Harvesting native bush to produce an FSC-certified fuel log called Bushblok is a crucial leg in the race to save Namibia’s wild cheetah from extinction.
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FSC United Kingdom Publishes New Version if its National Forest Stewardship Standard

6 de febrero de 2018 · A revised national forest stewardship standard for the UK has just been published, and will be effective for FSC forest management certification from 1 April 2018.
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 – Photo: Initiators of the FSC Group Certification Scheme Darnūs miškai, with Group Manager Jovita Urbikaitė (front), celebrating the issue of the FSC forest management and chain of custody certificate. (The stump with fungus is a cake.)

Lithuania Awarded Its First Group Certificate

7 de noviembre de 2017 · ‘Darnūs miškai’ (Sustainable Forests), a group of 70 individual private forest owners, achieves FSC certification totalling 30,000 hectares of boreal forest.
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New Zealand Forest Management Companies go the extra mile in world first initiative for transparency

5 de octubre de 2017 · In an effort for transparency, FSC certified Forest Managers have created a high-resolution map showing the location and borders of the forests they harvest.
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Finding balance in India’s forests

22 de agosto de 2017 · Brought together by certification, forests supply high quality logs while continuing to provide a sanctuary for wildlife and the culture of Indigenous Peoples.
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A Sustainable Community: Keeping forests and tribal culture alive

20 de junio de 2017 · FSC’s responsible forest management approach revives degraded forests and improves the livelihoods of Indigenous Peoples in north-east India.
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Wildlife returns to FSC-certified forests

28 de marzo de 2017 · In Wales, an extremely rare, nocturnal member of the weasel family has bounced back from the brink of extinction thanks to translocations to woodlands managed by Natural Resources Wales (FSC-C115912). …
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Fair Booth Project Certification in Italy has a Story about Forests to Tell

29 de noviembre de 2016 · The first certification project of its kind in Italy, exhibition space to be installed at Ecomondo (one of the main green and circular economy fairs in the Euro-Mediterranean region) is part of the …
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