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Membership fees

Membership Fees (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.

Our membership fees vary according to the location of the individual or organizational member in either the global North or the global South.

For organizations, membership fees also vary according to the type and size of the organization.

Individual Members:

Annual fee (US Dollars)

Non-Profit Organizations:

SubcategorySize of OrganizationAnnual Fee ($US)
Small1-100>15 million$75$150
Medium101-20015-30 million$500$1000
Large201-100030-150 million$1000$2000
Very Large>1000>150 million$2500$5000

For-Profit Organizations

SubcategorySize of OrganizationAnnual Fee ($US)
Very Small1-100>20 million$100$200
Small101-20020-40 million$750$1500
Medium201-100040-200 million$1500$3000
Large1001-10,000>200 - 2 Billion$4500$6000
Very Large>10,000>>2 Billion$7500$10,000

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