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FSC and Fairtrade Dual-labelling Program

Fairtrade labeling Organizations International (FLO) and FSC launched a dual-labelling pilot project in 2010 to help community-based and small-scale timber producers in the Global South gain visibility in the marketplace while also ensuring they get a fair price for their products.

Phase 1 of the project was a pilot that tested the process of certification, the price premium back to the producer, and the performance of dual-labelled products in the marketplace. The benefits for producers include: Fair prices, Fairtrade Premium, and better market access. For consumers, the benefit is in choosing products that carry two well-recognized labels and the assurance that the wood in their products comes from responsibly-managed forests.

FSC is currently reviewing the monitoring and evaluation data on Phase 1 and planning Phase 2. Phase 2 will incorporate our learning from the pilot and will seek to expand dual-labelling to include new supply chains.