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FSC Standards Interpretations

This section gives you access to current standard interpretations separated by topics and related normative documents.

FSC-DIR-20-007 FM Evaluations


Where an approved National Standard allows conversion not in the circumstances permitted by Advice-20-007-016, does the Advice Note prevail over an FSC approved National Standard or vice versa?

Normative Reference FSC-DIR-20-007
Requirement(s) FSC-ADV-20-007-016
Published Tuesday, 20. August 2013

The Advice Note FSC-ADV-20-007-16 on wind turbines prevails over any FSC National Standard.


The title of the Advice Note FSC-ADV-20-007-15 refers to “...areas converted from natural forest to plantations between 01 November 1994 and 01 April 2013”.

However, Advice 1 of the Advice Note states: “In order to certify MUs in situations as described above, the Organization shall split the existing MU containing post-1994 conversion plantations into 2 or more subunits to separate the post-1994 plantation areas from the potentially certifiable areas.”

Does this mean that the Advice can also be applied to post 01 April 2013 conversions?

Normative Reference FSC-ADV-20-007-15
Requirement(s) Advice 1
Published Friday, 19. July 2013

No, the Advice cannot be applied for conversions after 01 April 2013.

The Advice Note is to be applied to MUs with areas converted between 01 November 1994 and 01 April 2013 only.


Can FSC claim be applied to seedlings produced from seeds originating from FSC certified FMUs and grown in nurseries included in the scope of a valid FSC certified FM certificate.

Normative Reference FSC-DIR-20-007
Requirement(s) ADVICE-20-007-05
Published Friday, 04. May 2012

Yes, seedlings produced from seeds originating from FSC certified FMUs and grown in nurseries within FSC certified FMUs that comply with FSC P&C may be claimed as ‘FSC certified’ following the normal guidance for certification and labelling of non-timber forest products.