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FSC-DIR-40-005 CW Advices


In 2012 the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) changed from a scale of 0-10 to a scale of 0-100. Shall the new 0-100 CPI scale be implemented in FSC normative documents that currently still reference the previous 0-10 scale system?

Normative Reference FSC-STD-40-005, FSC-STD-20-011, FSC-DIR-40-005, FSC-STD-20-011
Requirement(s) Applies to all requirements where the CPI is mentioned
Published Friday, 06. September 2013

Yes, CPI references in FSC normative documents using the 0-10 scale system shall be converted to the new scale.
A reference to a CPI index threshold ʻ5ʼ based on the old scale system becomes a CPI index ʻ50ʼ applying the new scale.


In the previous FSC-ADV-40-016, section C.1 stated that risk assessments must be made available in one of FSC's official languages. However, ADVICE-40-005-07 in FSC-DIR-40-005 the requirement to use one of FSC's official languages is not included. Can you confirm that an official FSC language is not required anymore for risk assessment public summaries?

Normative Reference FSC-DIR-40-005
Requirement(s) ADVICE-40-005-07
Published Friday, 16. July 2010

Yes, based on the current directive, risk assessment public summaries do not need to be posted in the FSC database in an official FSC language (English or Spanish).