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Timber Legality: EU Awareness
FSC EU National Offices work to clarify to members, stakeholders and public authorities what is at stake with the EU Timber Regulation and how FSC assists with compliance.

Others have also organised information meetings with stakeholders, such as in the Portugal and the UK, or take part in future meetings (Luxembourg, 7 February).

Outside the EU several FSC National Offices take part in discussions and information activities related to the EU Timber Regulations and its external impacts, as well as on the US Lacey Act and/or the Australian Act.

  • FSC USA works with other organisations to defend and support the US Lacey Act, see the following newsitem 
  • FSC Australia has been deeply involved in the discussions leading to the Australian Act, and will be involved in the follow up work on enforcement rules.
  • FSC Brazil at the invitation of PCCF (Cooperative Program on Forest Certification) made a presentation about "FSC and Legality". With the presence of certified companies from all over the country, FSC Brazil showed the main items that are being worked FSC worldwide, clarified doubts of the participants and provided clarification on EUTR, Lacey Act and Australian legislation.

See the following websites for specific information:
Belgium (Dutch)
Belgium (French)