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use FSC certified paper.

FSC Infringers List
Protecting the FSC Trademark

Although the vast majority of FSC certificate use is according to the rules and guidelines, some companies persist in falsely claiming to hold FSC certificates.

We take the protection of the FSC trademark very seriously.

Our initial action is to identify all invalid claims here; where necessary we will take legal action against these organizations.

FSC has strong evidence to demonstrate the misuse of the FSC trademarks by these organizations.

We have contacted all listed organizations and requested that they cease their incorrect use of the FSC trademarks and remove any false statements.

We have received no reply and therefore published the infringements here and will take legal action against these organizations where necessary.
Company Contact details Invalid Certificate No Evidences Date Posted
Canadian Northern Timber Group 2687 Route 640 Hanwell, NB E3E 2B6 CANADA Website 20/04/2011
Gardena House S.R.L. 183 Avenue de Choisy 75013 Paris FRANCE BV- CoC- 030201 Website 10/01/2012