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FSC-POL-20-003 Policy on Excision


A company has an agreement with the University to perform forestry research on specified sites of the company’s FMU.

The company wants to excise these areas as there is a loss of control of the forest management practices that may not meet the FSC FM requirements due to the research activities.

During the stakeholder consultation to prepare the excision, a complaint from an indigenous community was raised: one of the research areas is part of their winter grazing areas, and research activities are likely to impact them negatively. Is it possible to excise such area if a stakeholder still disagrees?

If not, what could be the solution to continue meeting the FSC FM requirements and, if possible, continue also their research partnership with the University?

Normative Reference FSC-POL-20-003
Requirement(s) Clauses 2.1, 2.2.
Published Tuesday, 10. April 2012

No, it´s not possible to excise the area where there is a conflict. According to FSC-POL-20-003, if management of the excised area remains in the control of the owners or managers of the remaining FMU, it shall be verified that there is no violation of traditional or civil rights. In addition to this, High Conservation Values shall be maintained, what includes forest areas fundamental to meeting basic needs of local communities and/or critical to local communities’ traditional cultural identity.

Areas where the University develops its research and there is no conflict with local communities can be excised as long as they comply with Policy on Excision. It must also be reminded that the excised area shall be a very limited portion ofthe FMU, and that a long term commitment to adhere to FSC P&C shall be demonstrated.

As for the area where there is this conflict/complaint, a solution would be to keep it within the FSC-certified area of the FMU and rescind the contract withthe University for this area. Compliance with FSC P&C shall be demonstrated.