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FSC-STD-01-002 FSC Glossary of Terms


“Self-contained” and “collection of documents” appear contradictory so the use of documents as basis for definition of FMU could result in inconsistent interpretation of what an “FMU” is in the case where an organisation has a number of management planning documents at different levels, assuming the collection of documents together meet Principle 7 requirements for management plans.

Normative Reference FSC-STD-01-002 (V1-0) FSC Glossary of Terms
Requirement(s) Section 2
Published Tuesday, 10. April 2012

Forest Management Unit (FMU):
A clearly defined forest area with mapped boundaries, managed by a single managerial body to a set of explicit objectives which are expressed in a self-contained multi-year management plan. Where there is management planning documentation at different levels, FMU can be defined as the area at which the calculation is made of the yield which can be permanently sustained (as per criterion 5.6 and usually referred to as AAC (Annual Allowable Cut)).