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Interpretations of the normative framework

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One of the requirements to be eligible to be a SLIMF is that the rate of harvesting is less than 20% of the mean annual increment (MAI) within the total production forest area of the unit.
Can the rate of harvesting be considered as an average?
A potential client does not harvest every year, so the yearly harvested volume can vary greatly, but on average, he qualifies as low intensity.

Normative Reference FSC-STD-01-003
Requirement(s) 3.1.a
Published Friday, 05. September 2014

Yes, it can be considered an average. The harvesting rate has to be less than 20% of the MAI during the period of validity of the certificate.


What is the “area” referred to in this clause?

Normative Reference FSC-STD-01-003
Requirement(s) Clause 2.1
Published Friday, 04. July 2008

The area of a small forest shall be defined in relation to the production forest area. This means that permanent protection areas and areas with other uses within the forest management unit that are clearly indicated in the Management Plan and on the ground will not be considered when calculating the size of the unit that is applying to be classified as a SLIMF.