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Tropical forests: working on the ground with FSC

Jobs for all in the Congo Basin

Increasing incomes in Indonesia

Certification brings the market to the mountains

Making music responsibly - world’s first FSC certified woodwind …

Association and certification make small forests profitable

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Protecting and maintaining natural commu­nities and high conservation value forests.


Building markets, adding best value, and creating equitable access to benefits.


27.08.2015 · Technical News

Update on Controlled Wood Company Risk Assessments

Board Decision (© FSC G.D.)© FSC more …
27.08.2015 · Technical News

Ask me anything on the FSC Policy for Association drafts

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12.08.2015 · Press Releases

New study proves FSC certification profitable for businesses

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Root of the Matter

07.08.2015 · Root of the Matter

Beyond the environment: how businesses are bettering lives through certification

Beyond the environment: how businesses are bettering lives through certificationread more …
30.04.2015 · Root of the Matter

Forests For All Forever: The new FSC brand story

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29.04.2015 · Root of the Matter

What’s in a label? What the FSC labels actually mean

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Facts & Figures

As of 14 August 2015
184.965 million ha certified
29,491 CoC certificates
1,338 FM/CoC certificates

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