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29.05.2015 · National News

FSC certification booms in India: 350,000 ha recently certified

Katarnyaghat Forest Division -FSC certified area in Uttar Pradesh (© SCS India Pvt. Ltd)© SCS India Pvt. Ltdread more …
29.05.2015 · Market News

UPM and FSC: active co-operation for responsible forestry

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27.05.2015 · Technical News

Standard Setting: General Accreditation Standard Open for Second Public Consultation

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Root of the Matter

30.04.2015 · Root of the Matter

Forests For All Forever: The new FSC brand story

Forests For All Foreverread more …
29.04.2015 · Root of the Matter

What’s in a label? What the FSC labels actually mean

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30.03.2015 · Root of the Matter

One of the family (again): Danzer Group’s journey to re-association

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Facts & Figures

As of 29 May 2015
185.301 million ha certified
29,102 CoC certificates
1,324 FM/CoC certificates

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