Global Strategy

Driving FSC’s future development

Global Strategy (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.While recognizing the huge strides that the FSC global network made in our first decade, the Global Strategy sought to guide our organization through new challenges and opportunities. In 2007, we published the FSC Global Strategy to identify our top priorities.

Goal 1: Advancing globally responsible forest management

In the face of new challenges for forest management – such as those associated with climate change and the increasing use of biofuels – FSC will strive to engage all regions, forest types and forest managers in the responsible management of forest resources.

Goal 2: Ensure equitable access to the benefits of FSC systems

FSC will develop mechanisms to support forest managers who seek certification in areas where uptake of FSC certification has been slower – among smallholders, community forests and forests managed at a low intensity, especially in the tropics. We will ensure that the economic benefits of FSC certification are more evenly distributed throughout the supply chain.

Goal 3: Ensure integrity, credibility and transparency of the FSC system

FSC will maintain trust in the FSC brand. We will put in place a system to evaluate how well we deliver on our vision, mission and value proposition. We will implement systematic monitoring and evaluation, dedicated research and development, and regular stakeholder surveys.

Goal 4: Create business value for products from FSC certified forests

FSC will become more ‘market facing’ by ensuring our services and activities reward those who buy and sell FSC certified products. We will develop direct, professional relationships with senior representatives of the world’s top 20 forest product companies. We will vigorously explore the potential of combining FSC and Fair Trade certifications to support small scale and community forestry, especially in emerging markets.

Goal 5: Strengthen the global network to deliver on goals 1 through 4

FSC will develop systems to allow us to balance accountability to our key partners, constituents and stakeholders with responsiveness to fast-changing market demands. We will support a strong network of National Partners and overhaul operational and decision-making structures to clarify the division of responsibility between national and international levels.

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