Local adaptation of Generic Standards


FSC-STD-20-002 provides Certification Bodies (CBs) with requirements on how to develop their Generic Forest Stewardship Standards and how to adapt them to local situations in a forest certification process. This Standard is part of the normative basis for FSC Forest Management accreditation of CBs.

Once the International Generic Indicators (IGIs) are approved in 2014, they will be used as the starting point for certification processes in countries with no approved National Forest Stewardship Standards, and CBs will have to use the IGIs instead of their interim Generic Standards.

FSC-STD-20-002 (V3-0) therefore needs to be revised to reflect the stakeholders decision to phase-out  the Generic Forest Stewardship Standards and to provide CBs with a new set of requirements on how to use the IGIs and how to adapt them in a certification process.

Next steps

FSC consulted the proposal for revising the FSC-STD-20-002 (V3-0) EN Structure, content and local adaptation of Generic Forest Stewardship Standards.

The comments received will be analysed and brought to the Policy and Standards Committee together with a report to decide if this standard should be revised.

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