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Monday, 11. May 2015
It’s easier than ever before to source FSC-certified products

FSC Global Market Survey 2014 (© FSC IC)© FSC ICThe FSC Global Market Survey 2014 shows that more certificate holders find it easy to source FSC-certified products than two years ago. read more …

Friday, 27. March 2015
Client demand drives FSC certification

2014 FSC Global Market Survey (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.The latest FSC Global Market Survey shows that the main reasons for gaining and maintaining FSC certification are client demand, potential markets and partners, and holding on to existing clients. read more …

Friday, 20. February 2015
Fully renewable FSC-labelled packaging is now available on the Finnish market

Tetra Rex<sup>®</sup> carton package with TwistCap OSO34 – Fully renewable Tetra Rex 1000 Base with TwistCap OSO 34 (© Tetra Pak / Valio)© Tetra Pak / ValioThe Finnish dairy producer Valio is the world’s first company to sell products in Tetra Pak® 100% renewable carton packaging, Tetra Rex®. This new carton packaging is made entirely of renewable material: a combination of plastics derived from sugar cane, together with paperboard from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests and other controlled sources. read more …

Friday, 06. February 2015
Lobbying for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to use FSC-certified materials

Lobbying for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to use FSC-certified materials – Our request was handed to Mr Akiyama, Vice Governor of Tokyo Metropolitan Government. (From right to left: Mr Akiyama; Mr Yokouchi, Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture; Mr Suzuki, Mayor of Hamamatsu City; and Dr Ohta, Chairperson of Japan Forest Stewardship Alliance (FSC Japan). (© FSC Japan)© FSC JapanAs our readers are probably aware, FSC-certified materials have been used in previous Olympic and Paralympic Games. On 9 January 2015, FSC Japan visited concerned authorities to request that they also use FSC-certified materials in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. read more …

Monday, 24. November 2014
FSC Certification is the way Forward for Indonesian Businesses

FSC Indonesia Business Forum 2014 (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.To win the battle to curtail illegal deforestation, businesses must step up, re-evaluate and act to ensure sustainable supply chains. It’s not just good for the environment, it’s good business. read more …

Monday, 24. November 2014
Argentinian Artists Take Wine Packaging To A Whole New Level

Great taste & look. (© Navarro Correas)© Navarro CorreasNavarro Correas invited up-and-coming artists to use FSC certified wine packaging as their canvas. read more …

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