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National News

Friday, 21. February 2014
FSC has lost one of its founding members and a great friend: Yati A. Bun

Yati A. Bun (© FSC A.C.)FSC extends its sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Yati A. Bun. Yati passed away on Friday 14 February while attending the global Social Chamber meeting … read more …

Friday, 13. December 2013
FSC Netherlands unveils new website

FSC Netherlands unveils new website (© FSC A.C.)FSC Netherlands Communications Manager Juul Zwinkels and FSC Global Development Website Manager Daniel Habib have worked closely together for several months to develop a … read more …

Monday, 18. November 2013
FSC presents consumer attitude survey results at global brand conference

LONDON, England, 18 November 2013 – The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) will present its research findings on consumer attitudes towards environmentally responsible products … read more …

Wednesday, 30. October 2013
FSC Helps to Shape New Russian Forest Policy

FSC Helps to Shape New Russian Forest Policy (© FSC A.C.)On 23 September 2013, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev decreed a new National State Forest Policy, taking a critical step to modernize the country’s regulatory framework … read more …

Friday, 16. August 2013
FSC responds to ISO forest standard initiators

The national standardisation bodies of Brazil and Germany, who initiated a proposal for the development of an ISO standard related to forest products, responded, on the 2nd of … read more …

Thursday, 08. August 2013
FSC Argumentation against the proposal to launch ISO work on a “Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products” requirements

There is a proposal which is open for voting from National Standardisation Bodies which are full members of ISO and they can vote till 28th of August. read more …