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Status of Controlled Wood National Risk Assessments

National Risk Assessments

National Risk Assessments (NRA) are being developed in cooperation with FSC Network Partners, according to the procedure FSC-PRO-60-002 FSC Controlled Wood Risk Assessments by FSC accredited National Initiatives, National and Regional offices.

At present, National Risk Assessments are intended to provide specification of low and unspecified risk for the country under consideration, for Controlled Wood categories. Where there is the need, risk specification is conducted at a finer scale for districts within the country.

To be effective, NRAs require approval of the FSC Policy and Standards Unit. Upon approval, National Risk Assessments are becoming mandatory for companies seeking certification according to the FSC-STD-40-005, thus, NRAs replace company-developed Risk Assessments for the country under consideration.
Approved National Risk Assessments are listed in the FSC-PRO-60-002a List of approved National and Regional Controlled Wood Risk Assessments and presented in the table below.
List of FSC approved National Risk Assessments (last updated on 10.09.2013)
Czech Republic
United Kingdom
Approved National Risk Assessments, as well as drafts of NRAs under development are also available on Global Forest Registry.

Top 20 list of priority countries for NRA development

In order to assess the need for NRA development, a list of 20 countries with the highest number of company Risk Assessments was compiled in 2011.
Top 20 rank Country Top 20 rank Country Top 20 rank Country Top 20 rank Country
4Russia9Poland14Czech Republic19India
5Sweden10Brazil15Slovakia20South Africa

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