Worldwide Experts & Staff
at FSC International

Experts & Staff

FSC Asociación Civil

  • Kim Carstensen, Director General
  • Natalie Reynolds, Transformation & Development Director
  • Ian Hanna, Director of Strategic Development
  • John Hontelez, Chief Advocacy Officer
  • Rosalina Guzmán, Accountant
  • Lore Castellanos, Accountant
  • Alma Rosa Bartolo, Membership Officer

FSC International Center

Policy and Standards

  • Hans Joachim Droste, Policy and Standards Director
  • Cecilia Gervasi, Administrative Assistant
  • Pasi Miettinen, Program Manager (Forest Management)
  • Gordian Fanso, Policy Manager (National Standards)
  • Maria Pilar Melero Bravo, Policy Manager (Forest Management)
  • Diana Franco Gil, Policy Officer (Forest Management)
  • Lucia Fernanda Mayer Massaroth, Program Manager (Chain of Custody)
  • Dorothee Jung, Policy Manager (Chain of Custody)
  • Joanna Nowakowska, Program Manager (Controlled Wood)
  • Darren Brown, Policy Officer (Controlled Wood)
  • Amrita Narayanan, Development Manager
  • Chris Henschel, Program Manager (Ecosystem Services)
  • Rosario Galán, Policy Manager (Ecosystem Services)
  • Mauro Ciriminna, Policy Manager (ForCES Project)

FSC Global Development

Director's Office

  • Kim Carstensen, Managing Director
  • Angela Rott, Executive Assistant
  • Guillermina Garza, Head of Director's Office

Quality Assurance

  • Stefan Salvador, Director Quality Assurance 
  • Phil Guillery, Supply Chain Integrity Director
  • Emily Crumley, Supply Chain Integrity Manager
  • Thomas Colonna, Program Manager (Dispute Resolution)
  • Amparo Arellano Gil, Officer (Dispute Resolution)
  • Marion Karmann, Program Manager (Monitoring and Evaluation)
  • Jonas Baumann, Officer (Monitoring and Evaluation)
  • Rob Ukkerman, Manager (Quality Assurance)
  • Christina Endemann, Officer (Quality Assurance)
  • Stephan Clauß, Training Manager


  • Gemma Boetekees, Global Network Director
  • Margaret-Anne MacArthur, Administrative Assistant
  • L. Fernando Rodriguez Terron, Network Liaison Manager
  • Laura Paulus, Network Liaison Consultant
  • Andrei Ptichnikov, FSC CIS Countries Regional Office Director
  • Alistair Monument, FSC Asia Pacific Regional Office Director
  • Chris Burchmore, FSC Africa Regional Office Director
  • Pina Gervassi, FSC Latin America Regional Office Director
  • Paul Opanga, Sub Regional Coordinator East Africa
  • Mathieu Auger-Schwartzenberg, Sub Regional Coordinator CongoBasin
  • Janja Eke, Sub Regional Coordinator Central America
  • Hartono Prabowo, National Representative Indonesia
  • Ma Lichao, National Representative China
  • Mariama Matila, Key Account Officer (CIS Countries)
  • Jörn Struwe, Policy and Standard Officer (Asia PacificRegional Office)
  • Jayco Fung, Key Account Officer (Asia Pacific RegionalOffice)
  • Shizuka Yasui, Network Liaison Officer (Asia PacificRegional Office)
  • Wang Qinghua, Operations Director (China)
  • Wang Yanyan, Technical Officer (China)
  • Yi Lan, Key Account Manager (China)
  • Wang Xiaoqian, Accountant and Administration Officer (China)
  • Indra Dewi, Program Officer (Indonesia)
  • Samanta Venter, Key Account Officer (Africa)


  • Karen van der Westhuizen, Director Communications
  • Viktoria Janzen, Administrative Assistant
  • Lisa Smyth, Program Manager Communications
  • Arturo Escobar, Creative Manager
  • Daniel Habib, Program Manager Online Communications
  • Yi Fu, Website Officer
  • Jesse Cruz, Communications Officer
  • Estelle Ducroquet, Communications Officer

Business Development

  • Marcelle Peuckert, Business Development Director
  • Ann-Kathrin Hartmann, Administrative Assistant
  • Rebecca d'Almeida, Administrative Assistant
  • Julian Nierentz, Program Manager (Key Account Management)
  • Janeth Pineda, Key Account Manager
  • Janne Bernholm, Key Account Manager
  • Felix Romero Cañizares, Key Account Manager
  • Satu Leppänen, Key Account Officer
  • Luca Costa, Key Account Officer
  • Saija Hotti, Program Manager (Trademark Support)
  • Joanna Gerszberg, Manager (Trademark Support)
  • Na Liu, Officer (Trademark Support)
  • Joachim Meier-Dörnberg, Smallholder Support Manager
  • Carla Tavares, Program Manager (Marketing)
  • Sara Sánchez, Officer (Marketing)
  • Anakarina Pérez Oropeza, Outreach & Events Manager

Central Services

  • Annette Becker, Director Central Services
  • Zohaib Zafar, Administrative Assistant
  • Matthias Fecht, Program Manager (Human Resources)
  • Christine Többe, Officer (Human Resources)
  • Sebastian Wieschalla, Head of Legal Department
  • Ursula Hermann, Legal Officer
  • Salem Jones, Legal Officer
  • André Selbach, Head of Finance
  • Klaus Büntgen-Ezelius, Accountant
  • Bernd Pieper, Accountant
  • Antonela Rados, Accountant
  • Christin Bartke, Accountant
  • Holger Linz, IT Manager
  • René Schmitz, Program Manager (IT Systems Development)
  • Mohammed Sheriff, Officer (IT Systems Development)
  • Muhittin Kaya, Building Maintenance
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