Organizational Membership

How do I apply to become an organizational member?

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1. Download the relevant documents, and apply online.

2. Fill in the Application Form.

You will be asked to:

  • indicate your choice of chamber
  • describe what your organization does
  • describe how these activities support the FSC Principles & Criteria

The form must be signed by both the organization’s CEO and its designated representative. Note that this signature also applies to the section of the Application Form entitled ‘Commitment to get FSC certified.’ Please adjust or delete this statement as required.

3. Attach the required accompanying documents.

You will need: 

  • your latest Annual Report
  • publicly-available financial information
  • a list of your Board of Directors and their affiliations
  • your organizational statutes or articles of incorporation
  • information on your forest operations, if applicable
  • other information illustrating the aims and objectives of your organization, in the form of reports, history, brochures or newsletters.
  • two letters of support from existing FSC members with whom you are familiar. You will find a sample letter in the downloaded documents. If you need to, browse the list of FSC members to find members in your country.

If you're a non-profit organization, please also include:

  • evidence of your non-profit status
  • information on funding.

If you intend to become a member of the economic chamber, please also include:

  • information on your commercial activities and relationships
  • if applicable, information relating to the whole group of which your organization is a part, such as the parent company or branch.

4. Submit your completed Application Form and the accompanying documents.

These can either be sent to FSC’s Membership Unit at:

Attn: Membership Unit
Forest Stewardship Council A.C.
Calle Margarita Maza de Juarez 422 
Colonia Centro
Oaxaca CP 68000, Mexico

or to your National Office

or, if you have completed the forms electronically, by email to membership at fsc point org.

Don’t forget! It is also possible to complete your entire application online via the Membership Portal, which may speed up the process.

5. Wait for approval.

After you have submitted your application, the FSC Membership Committee will decide on whether to approve it. This process will take a minimum of four weeks.

6. Pay your membership fees.

Once your application is approved, you immediately have full membership rights and obligations. We will issue the first invoice for fees on approval of your application. For more information on payment, go to ‘How to Pay’.

We automatically renew your FSC membership each year.

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