Supply Chain Integrity in FSC System

Using technology and science as quality control measures

Supply Chain Integrity (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.The FSC system includes more than 20,000 chain of custody certificates.

This not only demonstrates the unprecedented success of FSC certification but also highlights the importance of ensuring the integrity of FSC is maintained in a scalable way.

As a result, the Forest Stewardship Council is pursuing initiatives to solidify the integrity of the FSC system through the use of technology.

Chain of custody and traceability have been recognized as a highly powerful tool in support of monitoring, control and enforcement in the forestry sector.

The FSC has been a leader in this field through the development and use of the FSC chain of custody system, a system that provides information about the path taken of a product from the forest to the consumer through the certificates that accompany FSC certified goods.

As FSC has grown, thus FSC certificates and labeled products have become more vulnerable to inaccurate claims.

To address this issue, FSC is pursuing a number of initiatives, including:

  • Development of an FSC Online Claims Platform
  • Revision of the FSC CoC standards 
  • Determining the feasibility of using wood and fiber science as quality control measures

Assuring the veracity of any FSC claim made on a given product, in a timely manner, is vital to maintaining trust in the entire FSC concept and system. Independent control mechanisms, such as the Online Claims Platform, and wood and fiber testing offer new means to confirm the veracity of claims on FSC products.

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