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Friday, 05. October 2012
Press Release from Kährs: FSC and Fairtrade Wood Making a Difference in the World

FSC and Fairtrade flooring used in the re-building of the Asian Rural Institute, devestated by the earthquakes in March 2011.

Kährs, the Swedish flooring manufacturers who make and sell flooring made from FSC and Fairtrade certified wood, have issued a press release (see below) on the use of the flooring in the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) in Japan. The flooring is made from wood sourced in Chile by SSC Forestry. Read this quarter's Smallholders Update for more information on SSC Forestry in Chile and their involvement in the FSC and Fairtrade Dual-labeling Pilot Project.

The press release tells the story of the re-opening of ARI and of being the first location in the world to use flooring made from FSC and Fairtrade certified wood. This is an historical moment for ARI, the FSC and Fairtrade project proponents, and for the communities in Chile who benefit from better forest management practices, fair prices, and access to international markets.

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